The 4th IPSA-METU Summer School for Social Science Research Methods will be held in the Middle East Technical University (METU) between 29 August - 9 September 2016. A cooperative partnership between the International Political Science Association (IPSA) and the METU, the organization expects to welcome the highest participants in number in comparison the previous events. 

The IPSA-METU Summer School provides students a unique opportunity to expand their knowledge of social science research methods under leading experts in the field as well as build academic networks across the neighbouring regions. The school has pioneered this vision in the region, and the hope is that this approach will continue to bear fruit this year as well. 

The IPSA-METU Summer School with its highly experienced staff welcomes all PhD students, early-careers academics, and professionals working in relevant fields to explore the different methodologies in 2016. 

This year’s Summer School offers five courses on quantitative and qualitative methods and welcomes graduate students, early career academics and professionals interested in receiving theoretical and practical training in these methods. Due to the rigorous training and full time schedules of these courses the Summer School participants will choose and register to one of these four courses which will be given over a period of two weeks in week days, allowing participants to attend both lectures and practical sessions. The schedule will also include one-on-one sessions in the form of office hours providing the students a chance to review their individual projects with the instructors. Detailed course descriptions as well as short biographies of the instructors can be found in these pages. Additionally, talks will be organized where participants can participate and learn more from the instructors. There will also be sessions included for career development such as “How to Write a Research Proposal” and “How to publish”.

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