1. Is there a limit to the number of courses I can take?

Participants will apply to one course among the four courses on offer as the courses are full time courses, half of the day allocated for lectures and the second half allocated for study sessions and lab work.

2. Will I automatically receive a certificate of attendance?

All registered participants will be supplied with a certificate of attendance before their departure at the end of the summer school.

3. Can I cancel my application?

It is not possible to cancel your application after the payment. The summer school has no refund policy.

4. Is there Wi-Fi network on campus?

There are Wi-Fi networks both in and outside the buildings throughout the campus. If you are already registered to a university you can use 'eduroam' networks. To use this network your university should be using eduroam and you should complete your eduroam settings in your university. Besides, you can also connect to METU Wi-Fi ('ng2k') as a guest user. In order to be registered as a guest user you have to consult to one of the summer school assistants.

5. I am a foreign student. Do I need a Turkish visa? 

Citizens from most of the countries can get sticker visa at the port of entry. However, Turkey does require visas of some foreign nationals. Please call your local Turkish consulate to verify your status before traveling.

For further information, please visit page of “Visa Information for Foreigners of the Ministry of foreign Affairs” via: http://www.mfa.gov.tr/consular-info.en.mfa

6. Do you provide financial assistance-scholarship for some specific participants?

Two of the participants’ transportation fees from abroad to Ankara will be provided. To benefit from this advantage please send us two letter of references and motivation letter.