Qualitative Research

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ayça Ergun Özbolat

The aim of this course is to introduce post-graduate students the features and practice of the qualitative research. It will particulary focus on the nature of the qualitative research, its research techniques, its design and conducting fieldwork. It will also highlight ethical aspects of qualitative research and relations in the field. This course will also enable post-graduate students to write up research papers, articles and thesis based on the qualitative data. Students will acquire in-depth knowledge about the qualitative research as well as practical skills for conducting fieldwork.

This course will help students to acquire necessary knowledge and skills to conduct a qualitative research including research design, use of qualitative research techniques (namely in-depth interviews and focus groups), data collection, its interpretation and analysis as well as writing up from the qualitative data collected. This course aims at bridging the gap between theory and practice by incorporating practical sessions related to qualitative research.